Wagging Tail-628

I had to do some serious manipulation this morning.

It’s been days since I got a decent trot.

Auntie Denise sent Ma a text at 7:00 to see if we were going walking with her at 7:45. As Ma had had me out for my first pee at 6:30 she replied that it was too cold to walk.

So I began my plea bargaining.

First I stared out the window and whimpered.

Next I surrendered the bones to the menace once she’d noshed her brekkie and performed her duties. It’s the equivalent of throwing in the towel.

Finally I resorted to the soulful eye. When all else fails try it.

It work. Ma caved and took me for a mile. Just her and me. Bliss!

Meanwhile the « thing » is still chewing. The fire brigade should hire her. She has jaws of steel could crack open a semi in an emergency!

Off to sleep now. The warmth when you come in from the cold is the greatest somnifer in the whole wide world.


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