Wagging Tail-629

Hi fans! Pitty Princess on duty today.

There is some fresh snow this morning which is fun but still I’m a little bummed.

All my squirrels have disappeared. No Tracks at all in front of the ranch except the ones me and granny and grumpy made!

I need to have something to chase to keep the shivers away.

No deer about either. The only one I saw this morning was standing rigid like an ornament.

The birdies too are all quiet and hidden from view.

Auntie Denise says they are all in their warm spots waiting for the arctic blast to pass.

So since she’s the only moving critter around apart from Granny and the Grey Gizz I’ve decided to chase her instead.

Anything to keep me from freezing! i might even accept a lick from the Gizz now that we’re back in the bunker.


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