Wagging Tail-630

It’s beautiful looking out our kitchen window but it’s a day when you can’t go too far outside as again it is perilously cold.

As my Mummy’s Mummy always said there is always someone worse of than yourself.

The Eastern seaboard is being hammered by snowmagedon. A State of Emergency has been declared in seven states already. Boston is getting three inches of the white stuff each hour!

So since we are stuck in Ohio we made some chili to warm us up. We can forecast it will be even more windy tomorrow! Isn’t that funny! I’m such a joker not grumpy at all!

Once that was on we did a bit of reading as we couldn’t walk even a half mile.

We read about sleeping habits of canines and humans and learned some very interesting things.

I always sleep with Ma and tend to lie towards the top of the bed which makes me, it would seem, a very important person.

Big ears sleeps with the bro and gets buried under the covers. She emerges from the depths like a whale surfacing for air.

Don’t know what that says for her position in the pack but I reckon she’s at the bottom of the heap.

Blessing#1231-Pyramid Positions

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