Wagging Tail-631

You may wonder what a stinky little green thing has to do with a wonderful day well read on buds.

After Church Ma dropped Dad home and she’s like « let’s go Scoob we need to get dumplings and fortune cookies »

See Chinese New Year is approaching and any excuse she gets to stuff her face she takes it. In that regard she’s like Mega. Needs to work on appetite control does Ma.

So we ditched the niece and hit the road.

It is so balmy. The temperate crept up above freezing today so Ma could leave me in the car for a few minutes without being arrested.

At the Chinese store she always finds somethings to tempt her and today it was greens. Fortunately not anything alive that bites humans!

Other people were buying those.

I’d have had to take a back seat if she’d got any living critter.

Back home she starts. She chops up a few of these little boks and fries them and then a few more and then it’s what the heck they are healthy I’m going to eat the whole bag.

Once she starts eating them, with her chop sticks of course to get the full effect, she just can’t stop.

Of course this indulgence induced stomach swelling and sleep. So we just had a great siesta fiesta and are ready for a walk.

We’ll take big ears since we are now feeling refreshed and need to walk off the excess before dinner.

Blessing#1232-Chomping Chow

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