Wagging Tail-632

What excitement we had yesterday afternoon. There was an epic struggle and for once it wasn’t between me and Mega!

The Bengals from Cincinnati made it to the Super Bowl finals.

It was a real bone cruncher. We watched in awe.

Ma was screaming like a crazy critter. Although she took the noise to a new level just now when the monster ate a hole in her favorite chair but I digress.

An Ohio team has never won the Super Bowl and it’s been thirty odd years since the Bengals made the final.

They were the real underdogs but they did it.

The bro will need to start making dough now to be ready for the pizzas that will be ordered on Sunday February 13th.

Is it any coincidence that tomorrow heralds the start of the year of the Tiger.

Just saying those Rams better watch out.

Gotta get going on learning the chant!


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