Wagging Tail-649

Dad and the bro took Ma out to her favorite pub last night for fish and chips and beer!

It was the first time since August that they’d all been out together as Dad hasn’t been so well as you all know.

Now, since he can go without oxygen for five hours, they can start going places again and stuffing their faces.

I was totally miffed they didn’t take me. I’d have happily waited in the car for them.

I was more than miffed I was totally disgusted that they didn’t bring me home a single chip.

I huffed so much Ma took pity on me.

So this morning since she was cracking on with the baking again I’ve had a scrambled egg, my mini scone and some bread pudding Dad made for her post birthday brekkie!

I’ve decided to turn the other cheek, forgive and forget the injustice I’ve suffered and eat up before the dragon roars.


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