Wagging Tail-650

Yesterday a whole slew of doggie tales showed up on Ma’s Facebook.

So this morning as I was sitting on my perch thinking of the day ahead I had an idea.

Ma I said let’s use these to tell my story today.

Remember earlier this week you left me home and went out drinking beer? Well some people take their canines too.

It’s to reward them for a job well done. I feel I do a great job. Like how many dog write a blog. That surely deserves some regular pay!

You hardly ever take me out for road-trips anymore since that menace arrived so you could buy me a new ball instead. A trip to the lake would also go down well provided you don’t teach the tike how to swim.

Remember the longer I live the older you will live too. Just look at this guy from Ireland and his pooch. Bet he takes his dog out for a pint.

I get it that you are challenged each day because of the wretch so let’s leave her home and go it alone.

Alas I hear her calling.

Blessing#1251- Feed

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