Wagging Tail-651

What I have to endure is terrible.

Last night we were watching Ma’s usual Friday mind numbing favorite « My Lottery Dream Home ». To get through that agony I was having a quiet chew when IT attacked.

She barks and barks and barks and then takes to the air and snatches.

I really hate that wee bitch.

After some shut eye I was looking forward to a great brekkie. Plenty of leftover pizza. Yum yum.

Just as I was tucking in Ma hauls out the potato and onion holder.

It lives in our kitchen coat cupboard along with Ma’s doggy walking paraphernalia.

I’d been noticing a stink for a few days and this morning it finally reached the humans snout too.

A rotten potato. Absolutely nothing worse.

Ma was nearly puking as she removed the whole bag to the poop trash collection area in the garage.

Worse she then starts bleaching the container to remove the stain and stink.

Mercy does she not realize the overload she was imposing on my nostrils. I was ready to pass out.

She then took to culling the flowers we’d got her for Valentines. The roses were as dead as that potato but a few little fillers remained.

She put them in a vase Auntie Caroline had given us.

Fortunately it reset my perspective for the day. I think I’ll send the niece out to play in the traffic.

Blessing#1252-Hopes and Dreams

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