Wagging Tail-652

Hi Pitty Peeps it’s your very own Princess. Hope you have missed me!

You know I’m always upbeat unlike a certain canine that lives in my palace but yesterday was full of challenges.

When Granny took us for our morning trot we got all tangled up and in the process of freeing ourselves the Gizz got rather overwrought and yanked a piece of fur out of himself.

Immediately following this something that Auntie Denise and Granny had anticipated for months actually happened. I tend to get a little close to grumpy when he is about his business around trees. They’d always said one day he’d mark me rather than the tree. Well it’s happened. He peed on my beautiful face! Not just a squirt either the full immersion version!

I was vexed but like a fighter I quickly bounced back and shook it off.

My Dad decided I needed some one on one attention following this incident so he took me out for a cruise in our carriage. Alas it was a bit of a bumpy ride and I threw up all over his front seat. He was not happy and I was dejected. I try my best to love him to death.

So this morning when I saw this post from Uncle Jespal’s site it hit home. We gotta keep marching on and stay positive.

The Gizz is really a bit like the Don Don’t you think.

My Princess positivity was further reinforced by the singing from Holy Trinity Ballylesson. They were marching on to a tune we hadn’t heard before.

Check it out. It’s great!


Just like me!!!

Blessing#1253-New Day New Song

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