Wagging Tail-653

Do you know that cartoon character I’m named after?

Well he was always doing detective work.

True to form so do I.

There is a spot just outside our garage door where the Princess pees each morning.

It’s under our half dead fir tree that Ma has transformed into a totem pole.

Normally I avoid the area like the plague.

This morning though when I went out for my first job I dragged Ma over there.

It wasn’t the reappearance of the snow buried turtle that attracted me it was signs of a murder.

There were tufts of hair all around the area

Worse there was a gross bit of a critter there too.

It may have been a squirrel or perhaps a bunny something of that ilk and it still had bones in it.

The bro should buy me treats because you can bet your bottom dollar if I hadn’t sniffed that out and given Ma time to clean it up it would have been in the Pitty.

Blessing#1254-Sherlock Scooby

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