Wagging Tail-662

One of my favorite spots in our house is the sofa by the window that looks out on the back yard.

I quite literally hang out there waiting for Ma to finish her coffee in the morning before we release the dragon and go for our walk.

I see lots of things and drive Dad mad by barking at them. He shouts at me to shut up but all I’m doing is informing him that there are trespassers on our property. Sometimes he is an ungrateful old geezer.

I also enjoy a bit of bird watching.

It’s starting to get interesting now as they are nesting.

I’m still am a bit of an amateur unlike my uncle Sandy. He is such a great observer of wildlife.

His photos of birds are amazing.

Just look at these pics he took yesterday.

They are stunning in their precision.

Don’t you think he should do an exhibit.

Blessing#1263-Watcher of Wonder

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