Wagging Tail-663

Man I was so happy yesterday.

It was a Goldilocks day. Not too hot not too cold just right for me to go to work.

Around 10:00 am when Ma was ready to roll she said those sweetest of words. “Let’s go Scoob!

Off we went into the big blue yonder.

I’m not allowed inside the Tearoom so I have to sit in the car but it’s a great ride there and back.

Add to that Ma brought me out half a scone that someone left on their plate about 2:30 to give me a little booster.

Better still, since the sun was splitting the skies she took me for a trot all the way around Marion’s huge graveyard.

Today I’m not in luck as the mother thinks it’s too cold for me to sit in the car for too long. I’d be fine but I’m not arguing as I know there’ll be many more just right days ahead for us to be together.

Blessing#1264-Working Dog

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