Wagging Tail-664

There was a beautiful sunrise just now when Ma took me out for my first job.

She’s so thoughtful and knows I can’t enjoy my food on a full bladder.

As we admired the sky Ma was telling me that the blue it has at this time of day is one of her favorite colors. Deep yet bright. Hard to capture, a pale ink is maybe the best description.

This got us to thinking about the piece of space trash that’s about to hit the moon. Everyone is saying it will be of no consequence and will only create another creator. I’m not so sure. That moon has a big impact on our moods you know.

There’s so much garbage up in the sky now there’s even an app for your phone to let you look at it.

We don’t intend to get it as we have enough trash to deal with at home!

Dad nearly had a stroke yesterday morning when Ma was getting ready. She’d left the monster and me to play (make that fight) but jaws sneaked off to the bro’s room. He’d gone to work so she got busy.

She’s so stupid though she brought her handiwork down to tease me. That’s when Dad exploded.

This may at one time have been a token of love but it’s well and truly legless now.


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