Wagging Tail-670

Well I wasn’t expecting this at all but yesterday morning, even though she had to leave early, Ma took me to work with her.

We had to do the shopping first then drop off some paperwork and then get ready for her customers.

It started snowing on our way and it was those big flakes like you get in a snow globe.

We paid our respects to President and Mrs Harding. Their tomb has been all cleaned and polished but we didn’t get out as it was a bit slippery.

Of course as you know I’m not allowed inside but Ma did bring me literally a crust!

She also let me out for a bathroom break. I made sure to mark at both front and side doors just so other puppies know this is MY PLACE.

On the way home the sun was splitting the skies so we trotted round the tomb of the good President and hundreds of others. We’re on the look out for Barr’s and Gibson’s as we are sure someone from our family must be here. We just feel so at home in this town.

When we got home we got great news.

Our little place is in the official Ohio State Tourist Guide.

That’s what you call a great end to a great day. I’m sure it’s because they know I visit that they gave this mention. After all I’m famous! Something of a celebrity! Right?


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