Wagging Tail-671

I’m getting so grown up. Quite the Precocious Pretty Pitty Princess!

Granny has recognized my maturity and has got me involved in brainstorming. See she is looking for new ideas for the tearoom menu.

She asked me what I think is idiot proof and easy so I said kibble.

See it’s really really yummy. Easy to eat too. She wouldn’t need to wash all those knives and forks. The people could just pop it.

She said she’d take a look at it.

My uncle ruled it out said humans are like him and Grandpa they like sweet stuff that melts in your mouth.

If you have any ideas can you please send them to me.

It would get me some brownie points with Granny and maybe an extra few treats too.

Milk bones are finger foods aren’t they!

See I knew all I had to do was think hard enough and I’d make her menu mighty.


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