Wagging Tail-672

What did I tell you? Winter wasn’t over when we hit 74F (23C) last weekend.

This morning the white stuff has returned and with the wind chill it feels like 6F (-14C).

Doesn’t matter the scale that’s a huge swing.

It’s called a BOMB Cyclone system.

I call it ENOUGH!

One interesting thing about snow is it gives you a chance to study the dance steps of the deer.

The whole herd must have been in our front yard quick stepping this morning.

It’s got Ma in the mood for a big fundraiser she is going to tonight. She says it feels like its the holidays again!

The event is called Turn Up the Heat and is organized by the Women’s Club of Marion. You have to get dressed up all fancy so she is very excited as she hasn’t had a long dress on for about five years!

It’s sort of like Dancing with the Stars or for you Europeans Strictly Come Dancing.

One of the dancers is Auntie Paula. I wanted to go but Ma said it’s for humans only.

She’s promised though to take lots of pics and show me so I’ll share those with you tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope she enjoys the festivities. I’ll chill inside and ignore the niece as best I can and watch the wildlife and make Dad mad barking at anything that moves!


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