Wagging Tail-673

The event last night went great but it kept Ma out real late and I was bursting by the time she got home.

It was most appropriately named since it is well and truly freezing here.

Auntie Paula was the star of the show.

Ma showed me the pics and video just now and for sure she looked every bit the flamingo dancer.

She did the salsa.

Mega and I discussed and agree we too could be dancers too!

She can do all the jive moves. She can point her paws perfectly but don’t tell her I said that.

I’ll do something a little more refined like a waltz since I’m so straight backed and upright.

It’s just a shame we canines are excluded from so many gatherings even though we are quite capable of sitting quietly. We could add such value.

I am going to pray for inclusion.

Blessing#1274-Open Doors

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