Wagging Tail-684

Yesterday started out all smiles.

I was on my way to work real early or so I thought until just outside town Ma took a left and I knew I was headed to the groomers.


We got there at 10:00 but there was no sign of life.

Another dog and their human showed up but still no groomer.

We called and texted and rang the door bell and walked around to look for the groomers dogs. Nothing!

So we left at 10:15 and I came to work. We heard later from her that she was in bed sick and asleep.

It poured so hard the rain pelted in the open car window and I had to escape to the back seat. I got a partial bath rather than the full works!

Worse still it also water also started running through the window that Ma had paid $2000 to install last fall.

Many towels were needed to mop up the mess and the installers came quickly to see if they could repair it but things seemed to get worse instead of better.

Poor Ma had to soldier on and smile when customers came but she has just about had it and is ready to throw in the towel on this old building that never seems to give her a break.

I did my best to console her on the way home and give her my best counsel as she was freaking out a bit.

Just as well I kept my coat on. I’m more like a good old cuddly toy when I’ve got it and she sure needed one!

Blessing#1285-Free Ride

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