Wagging Tail-709

Hope you all had a great Easter. Here it was beautiful except for the freezing cold. The temperature was lower than Christmas Day! So good for appetite though!

We started with a brilliant big moon and then a fine trot.

Dad got all dressed up in his best suit for the first time in ages and looked really good. I told him he was handsome so he gave me cookies! They don’t call me Smart move Scoob for nothing!

We had to have our celebrations early as the bro was working at 3:00. We ate so much at our lunch that our tummies hurt. Of course Mega does this every day so she recovered fast.

When the bro took off we all had a good snooze and then Ma walked us some more so we had room to squeeze in supper.

Being a big Jane Austen fan Ma was thrilled to have the BBCs Mansfield Park from 1983 on PBS. She said she remembers watching it with Auntie Carol when they were “young”

Mega and I found all that period stuff a bit boring so we played soldiers. She watched the back window and I watched the front and we barked at ever walker or biker that passed.

Dad screamed at us and then Ma screamed at him to be quiet so she could hear her drama.

By the time Call The Midwife came on we were all hoarse.

It was very sad this week but still it did make a fine end to a lovely day.


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