Wagging Tail-710

This is a joint epistle. You might call it a confession. Good for the soul they say. Hope we are both looking suitably contrite.

See what happened was we were out for a walk last Friday morning and we both saw something interesting. On one side there was a white car that is a must chase for me (Scooby) and on the other side a squirrel that is irresistible to those who are half starved (Nala).

So one of us pulled one way and the other one pulled the other way and we did Wrinkle Woman’s back in.

She’s a wreck! Walking like she’s made of stone.

Result is she has to take us out separately as it’s still hurting especially when she has to pick up poop. She’s having to squat down to get it rather than bend over. That makes her more unstable so she can’t hold us both and do the collection.

We are sorry, at least we’re pretending to be sorry, that we caused such disruption but every cloud has a silver lining. We get one on one personal attention PLUS……

Auntie Denise has swung into action and has come up with a new way for us to put on our leash so we never hurt Wrinkle Woman again.

It’s a sort of wrap around the belly with a twist type of affair that she uses with horses but we’re in compliance so as not to upset Wrinkly any more at this point. There’s only so much time out we two can take especially when it has to be spent together.

When WW is back to normal we’ll yank her apart once more.


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