Wagging Tail-712

Today Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II turns 96. She’s such an amazing woman. My Ma loves her so much.

Almost as much as she loves her bestie my Auntie Carol who had her birthday yesterday.

The palace website thought it appropriate to release a few pics of her majesty.

One taken recently and another from days gone by.

So not to be outdone by any professional media masters I said to Ma run into your baby book and get a good old pic of Auntie Carol.

We’ll release it in honor of her big day too.

The oldest one we can find dates from Christmas 1962 when Ma was in the business it seems of pulling Auntie Carols hair out in handfuls if she couldn’t get her own way. Ma is the younger of the two you see and very definitely the naughtiest.

They resolved their issues though and remain besties for ever!

There may be hope for me and Megs yet.

As for that other “Meg” in Ma and my opinions as expert royal commentators there is no hope for her or her Harry. They are history!


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