Wagging Tail-713

You might think it’s only humans who feel elated on Friday but you’re wrong.

See the thing is we pets pick up on our peeps moods and it’s hard to make Ma mad on Friday.

Well the demonic does her best but even she has to work at being particularly objectionable to rile her.

This morning Dad had a check up at the hospital at 8:00. That means we had to get up early as you have to be there fifteen minutes before the appointment and it’s half an hour from home. Had this been a Monday Ma would have been snarling but since it’s Friday she just swung into action like she’d had a lie in.

There is no rhyme or reason for this. A days a days a day. You gets your kibble and you does your widdle but if Wrinkle Woman says Fridays are fun we gotta agree. We’re game for any laugh.

What to do but Scooby Doo your brightest and biggest smile and then

you’ll get to ride shotgun with your ancient parents down the River road while the monster still sleeps. Bliss!


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