Wagging Tail-714

Did you know yesterday was earth day?

We forgot until Ma came home from work with a new shopping bag.

Seems Meijer was giving them away as a means to minimize the use of plastic bags. Great gift Meijer!

It’s a cool one. Got all the cities in Ohio on it so could serve as a map at a pinch too!

Ma says it’s robust and a perfect size to fold up and put in her purse or handbag as she calls it. As long as she remembers to put a few treats in it too I’ll be happy.

In spite of what I said in my previous epistle she was a bit frazzled last night as she has had such a good week at the Tearoom there has been a scone shortage.

So we had to bake for her full house today. I took my position to supervise.

Being environmentally conscious when we switch on the oven we try to make the most of it so we always make a mini mountain.

Usually this results in one or two « imperfects » or seconds. None of these are lost though.

Mega and I wait for the call to dive into these but yesterday the call didn’t come.

The demon was so disappointed all she got were the sticky bits scraped from the baking tray.

Don’t tell her this was not the case for me I just got my treat from the baking bonanza. Ma cooked the egg she uses for the glaze and kept it for my brekkie.

I’ve just had it with my kibble. Mega would be « green » with envy if she knew. It’s such an honor being an environmental hero!


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