Wagging Tail-716

Well as anyone with a titter of wit would know there were going to be consequences of yesterday’s epicurean extravaganza for the Pit.

First, it got my Mom in a mighty mad mood so when we got frisky she tossed us out of the house onto the patio.

We were left to chew things over while Mom got her composure under control.

The “Thing” had the audacity to take my seat and even took to basking in the sun for a while. She was still feeling fine.

After a nap Mom was good again and took us separately for a trot. So our human got her steps in and we got some one on one attention.

I was relaxing for the evening when Godzilla Girl jumps up and races to the back door and starts pawing at it to get out.

Poor Mom had to accommodate the crisis as of course the bro was at work.

I understand from the detailed report given to Dad that there were three explosions. We wondered if we might need to seek medical advice.

Fortunately this happened just before “Call the Midwife” started or murder may have been committed.

On the other hand if it had been in the middle of Midwife I might have been delivered a life of peace and quiet. Instead, who knows how long this little stinker might stick around.

I suppose I will just have to labor on and hope the next episode does her in!


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