Wagging Tail-717

I must confess I have done wrong.

See, what happened was that Mega was being particularly obnoxious yesterday evening.

The bro was off work and he and Mom were watching a Netflix about this horrible serial killer. Dad was reading he doesn’t do that sort of serial stuff.

Meg was at my ankles and then my throat and really getting up my nose. I was concentrating on that other evil being.

So when she leapt again I took a go at her and I made a big bobo.

The bro tossed me out to chill in the screened porch. I was nearly overcome with all the pollen from the annuals Ma had just bought. What the heck she needs with all this extra work is beyond me when she could be walking us instead but that’s another story. She’ll be complaining about having to water and that she has to do everything in another week or two!!!

Anyway back to the injury, I am now making amends by tending to the wound.

It is really nasty and I feel bad and sad and know that I was wrong.

Maybe I can love her just a little.


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