Wagging Tail-718

Today I’m philosophizing. So stop now if you’re not into that!

We have these games that sit on the trolley in our dining room. It’s a good place for them because much like the trolley they never are used.

One is the game of LIFE. We’ve never played it. We are always full of good intentions to do that over a holiday weekend but then we all eat too much and fall asleep instead.

There are two dogs on that trolley that are also ornaments. They don’t bark or bite but they remind my Mom of her Granny Barr on a daily basis so they do serve some purpose.

The same might be said for this gigantic pillow the bro bought Dad a few years ago. Dad doesn’t use it at all and it gets in the way of the bro’s sprawl when he’s home but it serves as a good back warmer for me.

So now to the fifty million dollar question.

What is the purpose of the Pitty?

Maybe in Mom’s eye she can be endearing.

In mine she is a waste of space that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I may choose to go to jail if she grows any more.

There again maybe I could get her stuffed and make some money out of her if she reaches her full potential.

Blessing#1319-Game Talk

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