Wagging Tail-719

We’d just got back from our walk this morning and Ma was eating her brekkie and having her second cup of Joe when the monster roared.

We’d been quietly watching the TODAY program and had hit on a new show that Ma thought looked like fun and was planning to watch.

Mega springs at me and then flies past me onto the sofa. She’s like a canine canon ball. Could take you out in a single shot.

From the sofa she takes to barking and teasing me. Pure torture. Just take a look at those teeth. Like something you’d see in one of those dangerous dog documentaries.

I got her in hand quickly though. I’m no cartoon character I’m for real as superheroes go.

Ma was thankful for my diligence in allowing her to catch the end of the segment.

She was disappointed though that this show is only on the streaming service Peacock.

I’m delighted to hear this. Far to many women. Two are more than plenty for me to deal with!


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