Wagging Tail-720

This time of year the birds are busy. There’s one outside our bedroom window that’s better than an alarm clock. It’s a beeper!!

We’re not sure but we think it might be a bluebird.

They’re super busy little buddies at the minute nesting all around us.

They always make Ma think of one of her favorite songs.

It’s a real oldie.

She tells me it’s a song that makes her happy and for some reason sad all at the same time.

Happy because it has a great tune that reminds her of her youth and sad because that’s very definitely in the past.

I know how she feels. I’m happy to be up with Ma but I’m sad that not long from now I’ll have to share her with another who has not yet stirred.

Oh those happy days when it was just me and Ma. Oh well it’s Friday!!


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