Wagging Tail-721

Greetings Pitty Peeps. Bet you’ve been hoping it would be your very own Princess publishing today.

I know how much you love me and how boring the old Grey Gizz can be.

This morning in the spirit of charity, wisdom and understanding I am going to say a word of thanks to him even though I know he hates me.

See, even if it’s not official he has been teaching me a few tricks.

These are mostly not innate to my nature but, as an example, thanks to Gizzy I can now “Point”.

I practice this primarily on outing with Ma and Auntie Denise but I’m also using my skills indoors when I sense the deer crossing in the yard or a tufty noshing a nut on the patio.

So now you could say I am Princess Pretty Pitty Pointer! Could come in useful if I ever get more series about my publications and becoming a media star.

I sincerely believe there is a need for a star like me. Dolly Parton can only live so long! Y’all are great but I’m sure the whole world needs Pitty Power.

Kissing the Gizz was not easy but it shows how serious I am about this love lark. Start with your enemies dear peeps smack them a big one on the muzzle this morning.

When in doubt just follow my lead!


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