Wagging Tail-722

Last night when Ma was sipping her fizz she was watching Dame Mary Berry in a new program on PBS.

It’s about ancient places in the UK and the old families who live there.

I was thinking it might be boring so was getting Mega stirred up until I heard the word scone!

Usually, as you know, I supervise there production on Monday for Ma’s Tearoom.

The scone that Mary was taking about is a big stone. Sometimes Ma’s things turn out like stones too if she forgets the baking powder.

Dad and me and Mega don’t mind. They are still tasty. We smack them up!

Regardless, this big stone at scone is the sacred spot on which kings and queens of England sit when they are crowned.

Imagine that! Maybe why Mary’s getting chummy with the future Queen!

I prefer a softer seat thanks but that Cranachan food they give them afterwards that Mary made might make it worthwhile. Made me very hungry.

Clean got my appetite going it did and made me think maybe Mega could be trained to sit and stay on a stone, preferably about a million miles from here! After all she claims to be a Princess.


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