Wagging Tail-723

Ma took me out for a trot yesterday afternoon. It felt so great. I waltzed along like a real wolfhound, just took it easy and let the wind blow through my hair. It’s so good just being Ma and me. I simply can’t stand having to walk alongside that piece of Pitty.

When we got home the thing had it’s ears pinned back and was looking vexed. So Ma took her out alone too.

She was so pleased with herself she lay down and roared like a dragon when she got back. I tell you no lies when she opens that cavernous crater she calls a mouth you’d think fire was coming from it.

Peace didn’t last long though. When she got her breath back she started teasing me. It’s torture. A man can’t get a moment to just sit and chill.

So I read the riot act.

Put her right back in her place. I’m the numero uno around here! Done deal!

Blessing#1324-Lead Man

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