Wagging Tail-750

Greetings my priceless public. It’s PITS here. I’ve decided to change my name. Pretty Pitty Princess is way too sweet for an ado like me.

All the rappers have short names and I’m into rap so PITS it shall be.

My handy work on the screens has been modified by humans and PIT resistance mesh has now been introduced.

The door to the porch has been done in the durable too. Cost Grandpa a small fortune so he hates me more than ever if that’s possible. I do love a mean man like PIT PAWPA!!

The old Gizzard is on sentry duty so I have yet to test the indestructible claims. I have no doubt if he’d get his great snout out of the way I could recreate that opening in an instant.

In the meantime I have two new projects underway.

First, I’m removing the dark varnish from the stairs. It’s so passé and am replacing it with that weathered look.

As you see I have already advanced with this BOHO business very well on the door to my private residence. It’s really very nicely distressed don’t you think.

Anyway on to soft furnishings. I’m shredding anything that loosely resembles cushions. They are out. They can be harbingers of bugs and odors and have no place in modern habitats. We need a clean look!

See all that watching if HGTV has paid off.

Not only has Granny got a structural engineer on hand she got an interior designer too.

Until next time my peeps when I’ll be back with my next project.

Blessing#-1351-Make Overs

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