Wagging Tail-751

Great excitement at the ranch this morning. We have a new arrival.

Ma and me got up at six thirty and just as we were about to step out for my first job we saw a deer in the back yard.

Funny thing was she was standing rock still like a statue. That’s when we noticed she had a big belly so we thought she was going to give birth.

We heard a nose like a cat crying. Strange!

We came back in and watched the doe as we thought she needed her privacy and that’s when she moved.

Ma I said « we need to check this out ».

We discovered she’d had her baby.

In fact we think she’s had another somewhere in the woods behind us because she’s walking between the two areas.

We texted Auntie Marsha as her hubby is a farmer to ask what to do. Jim said leave them alone the Mana knows what to do and she watching to make sure the baby is safe.

When we went out for our walk the Mama followed us to make sure we weren’t going near her baby.

When we came back we brought Auntie Liz and our friends PJ and Eddie to see the baby and again Mama Deer came past to warn us not to get too close.

The baby looks so cute and healthy and even PITS was quiet around her.

We are feeling all gooey and happy and hope you like our new family member and the name we’ve given her!

Blessing#1352-Memorial’s Birth

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