Wagging Tail-762

Greetings passionate public it’s your very own Princess Perfect publishing today although I have seen better days.

You all know I have a heart of gold but was vexed to read the epistle from the Gizzard yesterday and felt some response was required. No doubt you’d anticipated this with bated breath.

He tries so hard to make a laughing stock out of me because he is truly a green eyed monster so jealous of my beauty and depth.

I am not one to wear my heart on my sleeve. That is only for the faint hearted. I display mine prominently where it belongs on the chest.

Things have now come full circle and I refuse to lie low!

Off with his head I hear you cry. Trust me peeps if he continues nothing will keep him out of the jaws of death.

Soon and very soon he will vanish into thin air.

Blessing#1363- Fighting Fire with Fire

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