Wagging Tail-775

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been able to go to work with Mom because it’s too hot for me to stay in the car. Instead I have to suffocate at home with Dad and Mega.

It could be worse I could be making pizza with the bro. That’s a super hot job when the outdoor temperatures are nearing the 100 mark.

Ma took some pics to show me how things are coming along in the fields on our country roads.

On my last trip the corn was tiny.

Now it’s almost as big as Ma herself.

Can you imagine if everything grew that fast and it’s still not as high as an elephants eye.

The only thing that has reached that height is the poke weed Ma is cultivating in our yard for the blue birds. It’s huge! That great tree like arbuste is all this seasons growth!!!!

The corn looks real pretty especially when contrasted with the wheat that’s now quite golden and ready to harvest.

It’s just amazing that soon it will be flour and then that will be transformed to things I can wrap my chops around.

The miracle of agriculture and food science!


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