Wagging Tail-791

I know that some people might think I exaggerate or even make things up. This is far from the case. Every word I utter is true. It’s just that my life is like a cartoon since that monster moved into our place.

Last night Ma returned very late as she’d had a bridal shower party at the tearoom and had to wash a room full of dishes, clean floors and reset everything before she left.

So late was she that the bro took me and his little Princess out for a walk and made the dinner leaving a sink full of pots to welcome Ma home.

Dad had been busy all day too watching Wimbledon so there was tension in the air when he announced to the ravenous Ma upon her arrival that he was going for a quick shower now. Her eyes did that glaring thing that speaks volumes.

She drank some fizz and chilled.

Eventually around 7:30 they all sat down for dinner. The vacuum cleaner and I took our places by their chairs.

Food eaten the bro snuck off to the basement for some gaming, Dad cleared the table and Ma washed the pots and began loading the dish washer.

That’s when it happened.

As is her want Mega stuck her head into the open dishwasher hoping for a lick. Only this time she got stuck. Her license tag lodged into the bottom rack.

She started tugging and before Ma, who was at the other side of the machine, could release her she pulled the whole completely full bottom rack out plates and all and dragged it clanking round the kitchen island.

She and her appendage eventually came to a halt when they hit the carpet under the kitchen table.

Dad grabbed her collar and told me to get away as Ma screamed for the brother and disentangled the beast.

With all of this there was only one breakage which is a miracle. It was a champagne glass from the night before that only fits on the bottom rack.

The bro was charged with cleaning the glass from the floor while Ma slide the rack back into the washer.

Not a further word was said and the bro knew the only thing to do was take his protégé and go back downstairs with her to FIFA.

I just knew there would be consequences of watching that Jaws movie.

Wonder could I interest her in an oxygen tank. We have a few around!

Blessing#1392-Modeling the Movies

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