Wagging Tail-792

In this very hot weather one needs to remain cool and refreshed. Even someone as refined as myself can become hot under the collar.

Jaws can drink a full bowl of water in thirty seconds. She splashes it all over the floor with her massive tongue which get Dad all steaming and grumpy.

Ma often gives her ice cubes to slow her down somewhat as what goes in must come out and you know it’s Ma who has the bathroom break duties around the ranch.

Yesterday though, as it was Sunday and a sacred day of rest we enjoyed a special treat.

We ate our water in a sweet and colorful format.

Man I love that stuff. It makes me go all smilie.

I just kick back with joy.

The beast eats the whole thing.

So uncouth.

Doesn’t leave a morsel.

You should hear the crunching of the rinds.

No need for a recycling unit in our sink.

Just pop it in the PIT!

Cleans up all my leftovers in a flash!


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