Wagging Tail 805

Greetings passionate public. Have you missed me?

Did y’all see the stinky old Gizz had problems again yesterday loading his photos. Serves him right for being so mean.

If he thinks for one minute I’d try to escape this cushy number of a ranch where I live and get to hang out with my Dad he’s got another think coming.

I’m here to stay. No need for signage I’m sticking to the good food good life mantra of that company that pays Granny’s pension. My days like their pet food are BENEFUL!

Now of course I wouldn’t object to a little fun in the sun. I got a tad jelly (that’s the sweeter form of jealous for the uninitiated) when I glimpsed at my Auntie Laura’s Facebook post this morning.

Her canine kids were out on their new pontoon boat in Georgia soaking up some rays of sun last evening. That is a fair piece of competition for my luxury lifestyle.

Of course they’re not nearly as strikingly beautiful as my good self. So if I did go down there for few days I’ve no doubt I’d snag all the men in no time.

It got me thinking I’d need a few accessories for a trip. You can’t go on vaccy without new gear so I started looking.

What do you think of this little number I found on Amazon? Modeled by a Pitty not nearly as precious as me of course!

Is it suitable for my coloring or should I stick with topless?

Just as a reminder here’s that perfectly lit photo of me looking like Greta Garbo that grumpy failed to post! Or did it simply crash the net?

Blessing#1406-Party Peeps

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