Wagging Tail -806

When the wonderful Canine Collective group came and rescued me and dozens of other dogs from a kill shelter in Texas I was transported to Ohio with another dude then known as Oreo.

When my Mom saw the two of us in the run together the day our family came to adopt me she was like “oh we should take them both they are so cute” but dad was like “one dog that’s it” so they picked me. Little did he know the trauma that lay ahead with the arrival of the PIT!

In retrospect it’s as well they just took me or Ma would have had to grow a third arm.

Thanks to the CC adoption group Oreo and I stay in touch on Facebook and he is now known as Lucca. This is him a few days ago out on his porch. Seems like he got a good ranch too.

Each time I see him I think we might be related. He has a similar tail to mine and some of my coloring too. It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway he is very handsome. I’ve never seen him curly though.

Wonder would he like some company? If I can’t get rid of this barking beast that lives with me I might just shift suites.


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