Wagging Tail-807

Greeting passionate peeps bet that gave you a lovely surprise! I just couldn’t wait another moment to let y’all know about my trip to the beauty parlor.

It was all arranged by my Dad.

He swept me up in his arms yesterday morning and drove me off into the sunshine.

Well actually we didn’t go that far just two miles down the road but it felt like an adventure.

Granny has been complaining that I was ripping her wrinkled skin apart with my every lengthening nails so I had a mani pedi.

After that since I’d been gently glowing all summer as we ladies do I had a bubble bath and blow dry before having the best perfume money can buy applied behind my ears and tush. No expenses were spared. My Dad loves me so much!

I came home smelling so sweet I completely confused the Grey Gizzard he though I might have turned into a pretty baby girl.

That’s when I was forced to show him while I might be shining like the stainless steel I’m made of iron.


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