Wagging Tail-809

Ma discovered on Sunday that she’d missed an episode of the Crown. She just could not imagine how this was possible as it was the one where Charles met Camilla.

So it was that Dad, the Demon and myself were subjected to Series 3 episode 8 which inevitably led to 9 and 10 last evening. Painful!

The only saving Grace with this is that she can’t watch it without eating popcorn.

We uncovered some forgotten facts too that the poet Laureate at the time Sir John Betjeman had penned a dittie about the Queen in 1977 at the time of her silver jubilee.

It is very sweet.

How Ma missed this is a puzzle as she recalled every detail of the pink outfit so well and all the events of that summer that involved much partying and little school work.

Maybe she was too busy disco dancing and holding lyrics in her head to pack in a little poem!


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