Wagging Tail-810

One of Ma’s pals posted this list on Facebook of things she’s no longer interested in.

It got me thinking of the things that interest me most. So here’s my top five favorite things.

Number one is being close to Mom.

I follow her everywhere I can even to the can just incase she flushes away.

Next up is sleep. Especially sleep beside my Mama.

Third up is going car. It’s especially good when you can go alone with Mom and sit in Dads seat and have the window down and let that breeze hit your face.

Fourth since I’m into nature and solitude a good trot through the woods to smell all the posts on the trees does my heart good particularly if not accompanied by the demonic presence.

Finally it would be enjoying being myself even if I’m on the grumpy side at times. A Good Huff is hard to beat!


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