Wagging Tail-811

See when you stir of a morning and the first thing you hear is a big downpour it can have an impact on your mood. Make that Ma’s mood which of course rubs off on me.

In this case it was extremely positive because she was thinking she’d have to water the plants this morning and now she doesn’t so we can snuggle under for a few more minutes.

Better still it induced a look at the rest of the days forecast and things could not be better.

For our trot the rain will stop and it will be cool

The maximum temperature for the day is only 79F which is a heck of a lot lower than the close to 100F we’ve been having.

In Northern Irish meteorological speak that’s sweltering but having adapted nicely to hotter climes Ma says it’s just “grand”

Blessing#1412-Sweet Spot

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