Wagging Tail-823

Yesterday Ma cut up another big watermelon. We’ve been having good luck with them this year. They’ve all been sweet as sugar.

This one was said to be seedless (in reality almost seedless) and according to Dad also tasteless. He’s not impressed. Screwed up his nose and refused to eat more than a bite!

So we have a ton of it in the fridge. Ma was getting some out this morning for her breakkie and a big chunk skidded off the plate.

I was noshing my kibble at the time so was on the mark as quick as you could say «waste less »

I thought it tasted yum and snatched it off to the carpet to gobble up the whole thing rind and all.

See the way I help and appreciate my Mom! Unlike some other males around this joint.

I suspect when a certain lady wakes she might assist me though.


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