Wagging Tail-824

You know I’m a rescue. I may still on occasions be behind bars but I’m in a good place. Thanks fam!

Well my Ma also rescues plants.

Last year she decided every time the deer noshed the sedums she’d take any of their leftovers and root them. She gets this from Granny Barr who was a passionate rooter.

So the outcome is that our patio is now a sedum jungle. The are everywhere.

In corners

On window steps

Hanging out with herbs.

She had such success with Miracle Grow on a sickly petunia in May that she is applying it to everything. If I turn into a wolfhound you’ll know what has happened.

Now, if the sedum wasn’t bad enough she has now adopted the same strategy with hostas. Deers ice-cream is about to be given a whole new life!

If each one of those babies gets it’s own pot there will soon be no room to move! I have my eye out for alternative accommodation!


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