Wagging Tail-853

My secretary is having difficulty typing this because her eyes are filled with tears but we must ask did you see the rainbows?

First the one over Windsor Castle just at the moment the flag was lowered and then just a little later the double one over the Victoria monument at Buckingham Palace.

That was God telling all of us who are broken hearted by the passing of the beautiful soul that was our Queen that she’s just popped over the bridge to meet all her loved ones.

All her puppies from the past were waiting and they are so happy to snuggle with her again.

Her Mom and Dad and Sister were there too

and of course her handsome Prince.

For her dear Family left here for now, including God Bless him her son our King, her Majesty summed things up so well when she said

Let’s hope she has her feet up enjoying a nice cuppa and a jam penny or maybe a marmalade sandwich this afternoon.


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