Wagging Tail-854

We are all off kilter this morning.

First the big moon woke us up at 4:00. We thought it was dawn but when we checked the time we just said a few prayers for the King, rolled over and went to sleep again.

Next thing we knew it was 7:20 and we were meant to meet PJ and Eddie at 7:25.

Add to that the bro had gone to work and Jaws was trying to break their bedroom door down.

So we released her ran out barefoot for jobs hollered at Auntie Liz that we were late and to go on, came back in, made coffee, got my breakfast, gave what I didn’t eat to the vacuum cleaner, put Dads meds in the wrong time buckets, resorted them and by then the coffee was ready and we switched on the TV.

Perfect timing to see the Public proclamation of the King.

Now I’m watching you know who work out her jaws and waiting as Ma catches up on the parliament swearing allegiance.

Thank goodness for those Nylas to keep her quiet they’re as valuable to me as the Crown Jewels.


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