Wagging Tail-855

I have been wounded to the core!

It has come to my attention that another canine was allowed to enter the Tearoom.

As you know I have been banned since it became an officially licensed eatery so this is unforgivable.

Ma explained that this exception was made because this particular dog is trained to detect change in blood glucose levels and so is approved for entry to all public buildings.

It’s what they call a special service animal. Even came prepared yesterday with its own hat for the occasion.

Well I provide service too.

Don’t I take care of keeping Ma calm during one of her mood swings.

Don’t I keep that beast that lives with us under control.

Don’t I offer succor and comfort in times of distress?

Maybe what I need is the hat!! Those bunnies are there all the time and they wear hats too!!! I must speak with Auntie Paula of Paula’s Posh Picks she has hats galore!!!


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