Wagging Tail-856

You will not believe it but I got run over by a bicycle this morning.

Ma and Auntie Denise were on one side of the street with me and Nala. Ma was recounting some tale about bears as we said our goodbyes to Auntie Liz, PJ and Eddie who were on the other side of the street.

All of a sudden a cyclist going like a rocket came in between us. I lunged at the flying object and in a split second it ran right over me. Like totally over me. It was like something out of a cartoon.

I walked home with my tail between my legs and went to my safe place under the coffee table.

I came out and played a bit with Nala and had a few treats but it was clear I was limping. Nala played nurse for a while, kept an eye on me and was alarmingly quiet.

The bro and Ma examined my abdomen per auntie Liz instructions as she’s a medic and that’s when the bro discovered a nasty open wound on my back leg. It had been hidden by my coat.

So within seconds we were in the bros car on the way to MEDVET the animal hospital.

I was taken within minutes and you will be glad to hear I’m not in imminent danger.

I got three staples in and I’m on the way home with a collar or is it a hat!

Blessing 1457-Emergency Rooms

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