Wagging Tail-857

Greetings Peeps!

I bet you’ve been missing me dreadfully but with the trauma of the past week there was little time for lightheartedness.

There has been a lot of talk instead about Princesses comings and goings but I’m still and will always remain the one and only Pitty

The passing of that great lady Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from whom I have learned so much tore at my heartstring.

Patience, endurance (especially when it comes to Nylas), tolerance and acceptance of all peoples even those who look like aliens are just some keys to the kingdom.

Yesterday I put into practice most of the knowledge I’d acquired.

On the return of the native wearing his Elizabethan collar I managed not to laugh out loud. He looks so much like Buzz Lighyear.

I barked a lot to keep him conscious and tried to lick his wounded knee (if I’m not mistaken there was an important battle around that subject but enough of constitutional history).

I even endured his hot under the collar attentions for sometime.

Ultimately I resigned myself to getting back to business as all wise women do for the sake of world peace and Granny sanity.


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